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Basement and Cellar Technical Data

There are several ways in which you can construct below ground structures. Below is a list of key questions you need to ask when deciding which method of cellar or basement construction you will select:

  • Does the product you are using conform to the regulations set out in BS8102:2009

  • Does the product you are using have an Insurance Backed Guarantee?
  • Does the insurance backed guarantee cover installation and if so does it cover the contractor you have selected?

  • Does the warranty provider for the building know how you are constructing the cellar?

  • Does the system you are using have approval from the building warranty provider?

  • Does the system you are using have two layers of waterproofing?

  • Have you or the contractor appointed a CSSW (Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing)? This may be required from your building warranty provider.

  • Are you getting structural calculations completed by a designer with the correct qualifications, experience and PI insurance to issue to building control for approval?

The questions above are essential to a successful cellar or basement project. If they aren’t confirmed by the contractor/supplier you may not get a CML (Council Mortgage Lenders). Therefore, you may have to buy the cellar or basement outright. Alternatively you may find it difficult to get a building warranty from an insurance provider. Most warranty providers will stipulate the above as a minimum requirement.

Our knowledge and experience allows us to quote your cellar or basement and to include the following:

  • Our product conforms to the regulations set out in BS8102:2009

  • Our product has an Insurance Backed Guarantee through

  • We use two layers of waterproofing

  • Our product will be signed off by building warranty companies

  • We use a qualified CSSW to design the waterproofing element to the project

Our Technical Process


We engage with our clients early to understand their design and requirements. A dedicated project manager will work with our CSSW and our Structural Engineer to make sure what we design is in line with your expectations. We design 3D drawings which will take in to account the following:

  • Loadings from above and adjacent structures

  • Site specific ground conditions

  • Hydrostatic pressures

  • Issue drawings and calculations for full building control approval

  • Issue an independent CSSW design


After the drawings are signed off our skilled workforce then start fabricating the structure in our factory. We weld together steel plates and the necessary structure to form the Premier Cellar. This is process is rigorously Q&A’d to meet BS EN1090-2:2008 + A1:2011 to achieve water tight welds.

The process is carried out to a BS EN ISO 9001 quality management plan.

Please click here to see our standard details and connections.


We will install the cellar or basement with our own labour. The installation process is as follows (however this is depending on the site):

  • Install temporary works to retain any surrounding structures

  • Excavate the earth where the cellar will be located

  • Install the DPM liner

  • Crane the cellar in to the excavation

  • Suspend and temporarily support the cellar

  • Pour the concrete around the Premier Cellar

  • Leave a concrete “footing” to start building the structure above