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Product Benefits

The way we construct cellars/basements offers a different approach to below ground construction. Many traditional methods allow water to enter the basement or cellar. This approach then uses an internal membrane to diverts the water in to a sump pump. The water will collect over time and is pumped at set intervals to stop flooding.

Our ethos is “do not let the water in to the cellar or basement”. We see this as the weakness to the traditional approach. Water ingress will have a long term detrimental impact on the structure. This over time may lead to damp and moisture issues which we avoid.

The process of installing a basement or cellar traditionally also takes a long period of time. Excavations need to be battered back so it’s a safe environment for operatives to work. As the excavation then needs blinding, installation of a DPM, laying of mesh and reinforcing bars as well as shuttering, curing and back filling the earth, this process can take up to 5 weeks plus for a 4m x 16m cellar or basement.

Our approach is to excavate (install temporary works if required) deliver the cellar or basement to site on a lorry, crane this into position and then pour the concrete around it. The way we construct can save the end user up to 70%-80% of time compared to the traditional methods. We do not place operatives in the excavation due to the risks to our employees. We will do a thorough investigation of ground conditions with our engineer so the installation is tailored to the ground conditions.

Our approach offers the end user the following benefits:

  • A reduced site time by up to 80%
  • A watertight structure

  • An insurance backed guarantee for 10 years as well as a report from Dr John Broomfield  (a consulting corrosion engineer who offers independent advice on all aspects of corrosion of steel in concrete) noting our method of installing cellars and basements will last over 100 years.

  • A product/structure which you are able to get a mortgage for

  • A structure designed to BS8102:2009

  • A product which is commercially more competitive for the short term and long-term lifespan of a cellar

  • A proactive and friendly service which designs, manufactures, excavates, delivers and installers the cellar.