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Our Services

If you wish for us to quote for your project we can tailor the service to suite your specific requirements. We would recommend if you are seriously considering building below ground structure to instruct a Ground Investigation from a reputable Site Investigation company. They will complete bore hole tests on site and issue a report which will confirm the ground bearing pressures. We will analyse this and make a judgement on the temporary works required and any additional costs for reinforcing or piling if required.

We provide the following services:

  • Building Control Calculations
  • Fully Structurally Calculated Cellar or Basement details, these will take in to account hydrostatic pressures and loadings from the structure above and adjacent
  • A Temporary Works Package (if required) to support the structures around your boundary during the installation works
  • CSSW Design

  • Design of your Cellar of Basement to take in to consideration any further detailing such as light-wells, walk on lights or fire escape staircases

  • All Ground Works and Excavations

  • Manufacture of the Cellar or Basement

  • Installation of the Cellar or Basement

  • A Designated Project Manager who will work with you, to understand what you require, price accordingly and help coordinate what we do with other contractors, designers and professionals during the build phase