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Who We Are

Our company has grown organically over 40 years due to end users having inherent problems with below ground structures leaking.

Premier Pits transformed the vehicle maintenance industry. Our prefabricated steel pits give the end user; speed of install and guaranteed watertight.

Clients and builders were taken back by the quality of the vehicle pit products, fast installation times and guaranteed watertight. Premier Substructures was established in 2001 installing bespoke structures for numerous reasons for the commercial sector.

The natural progression was to diversify to install cellars and basements for the residential market. We recognised as a business that the residential sector is installing cellars and basement as it did over 40/50 years ago. There are different products on the market, but the technique is very similar. They still have the same problems as the commercial industry has had with traditional below ground construction techniques. Long term the structures will leak.

Our innovative new way of building below ground is still unrecognised industry wide. How we build isn’t seen as the norm within the industry. However we know it works and have the engineering case studies to prove this.

Traditional below ground construction issues

  • Works on site take a considerable amount of time

  • Guarantees are minimal and sometimes don’t cover the installation

  • A lack of skilled labour on site leads to water ingress due to the incorrect quality control during construction

  • Traditional methods may allow water to ingress due to punctured membranes during the installation process

  • Some traditional methods allow water in to a cellar/basement for this to be pumped out. Why not stop the water coming in?

  • Precast contractors don’t always excavate and install the slab foundation. Some just install the external walls. This leaves clients in difficult situations if the structure leaks because they have to prove which contractor is at fault.

Our Partners

Part of the MBE Fabrications Group:

Our Precast Concrete Partner:

We have a 40 year track record of manufacturing prefabricated water tight units in the ground for the commercial industry, we can bring these benefits to the residential construction sector.

Whilst Europeans/Americans/Canadians make use of their space below ground and create further rooms in their properties. Why don’t we in the UK? Cellars and basements in the UK are perceived to leak and be damp. The way we construct cellars and basements this will not be the case.